Battle Pass Access

In order to give players affordable access to try our NFTs Ranks model, the battle pass will be available in our shop at a fixed price of 95$ (in our token $MCR).

You will be able to generate, reinvest and withdraw our token $MCR.
It allows you to generate enough to repair it daily and generate an extra that you can reinvest or withdraw.
Reparaible Battle Pass

Battle Pass Cost

~95$ in our token $MCR (Oracle)
The price may fluctuate a bit, we are using an Oracle that keeps the price stable on a daily basis

Gross earning potential:

Current Earnings (31 Days)
~45 USD paid in uMCR
Earnings may be subject to change.
What if I have a battle pass and want to buy a rank?
Do not worry! You will be able to burn your Battle Pass for ~80$ in Forge Level (multiplier boost)!