In-game MCR Utility

Minecraft allows us to create an infinite amount of use cases for the $MCR token. Any new game mode that we release will add even more toke utility. Here is a small sample of the already released or planned ones.

Survival Games bounty

An exciting feature is the ”bounty.” It enables spectators from a Survival Games arena to put a price on the head of other players
When this is done, all players are notified, and it is visible above the head of the players, making them a target.
If the player wins the game, he earns the bounty. But if he is killed before, the killer earns it
Command: /Bounty [name] [amount]

Survival Games sponsor

You can also sponsor players in the Survival Games arenas as a spectator.
If you die while playing a game, you can help your friends by sponsoring: food, utility, and other in-game items.
All MCR spent here is direct revenue for the protocol.
Command: /Sponsor [name]


Players that have an NFT rank can hide their real name and skin to avoid focus.
To renew the disguised skins and names players need to spend some uMCR.
Command: /disguise