🚨Community Rules

1. Respect all staff members and their decisions

  • You can trust us when making decisions as we do it to improve our community.

  • We do not allow the act of answering aggressively or disobeying the Staff. If you do not agree with a member of the staff contact through email:


2. Do not disrespect:

  • As we have discussed previously, we want people in our community to feel safe and respected.

  • Bullying is taken very seriously. Streamsniping or constantly chasing a player is considered harassment.

3. Using inappropriate language can be a reason for temporal ban or mute. 4. Do not discriminate against other members or groups 5. Do not spam

6. Try not to use excessive capitals

7. Do not advertise: Advertising other communities or events for profit is prohibited.

  • Do not post links if they have not asked you.

  • Links and IP servers of other communities are not allowed

8. Don't start pointless discussions: We want the community to be peaceful; a place where people are free to have opinions and argue with arguments. 9. Do not exploit bugs or glitches: if you discover a bug or glitch, please report it to a staff member privately or by email as quickly as possible.


  • Using a bug is not allowed.

  • Not wanting to tell a staff member about a bug is not allowed.

  • Spreading information about a bug to a non-staff member is not allowed.

10. Do not use multi-accounts.

  • Using multiple accounts on the same IP could be a reason for permanent sanction.

11. Do not scam other people 12. Do not publish or show private or confidential information of another user without their authorization. We want everyone to feel safe on our servers.

13. These rules are subject to change at any time.

14. By playing on our servers, you agree to follow these rules and understand that if you do not comply with any of the aforementioned, you will have to assume the consequences that could lead to you being completely sanctioned from our community.

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