đŸ”ĨBurn Methods

In order to achieve stability and long-term sustainability, we have implemented some burning methods* (and more are yet to come):


To buy a Battle Pass or an NFT rank you will have to use the MCR token, this amount is sent to the reward pool.

Ranks forging

Creating a new rank (forging) requires some amount of tokens.


Fees from our marketplace are used for burns.


To join some tournaments and events you will need to purchase your entry ticket with MCR. Only the best players will be able to win and the remainder tokens will be burned.


We are working on an automated scholarship system. This will attract big investors and make it easier for players to reinvest (without paying scholars manually, interviewing , etc). This is also a burn method because to create a scholarship you will need to buy battle passes, mint NFTs, forge ranks, etc.

Ingame actions

Within the game there are several burning methods:

  • Sponsor: You can help someone by sending them an in-game item in the Survival Games by burning uMCR. /sponsor [name]

  • Bounty: You can put a price on someone's head in the Survival Games so that whoever kills the guy with the bounty takes part of the reward, the rest is burned. /bounty [name] Number of tokens

Withdrawal fees:

Withdrawals can be made without commission every 14 days, in case you want to withdraw it before a commission would be charged.

Burning methods*: Since $MCR has a max supply, burned tokens are sent back to the rewards pool and to our treasury (where they will be used to provide liquidity and create incentives such as prizes, farming rewards...)

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