👮Ingame Rules

1. All community rules will be used in the game.

🚨Community Rules

2. The use of multi-accounts is penalized, it can result in a permanent ban depending on the situation. Only one account per IP is supported.

3. Boosting stats is not allowed.

4. Using hacks or mods that provide an advantage over other players aren't allowed.

  • Any suspected use of a client can result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the situation.

  • Anything outside the client that gives an unfair advantage (x-ray, minimap, radars, force fields, speedhacking, better sprint mod, damage indicators, etc.) is considered a hacked client.

  • If you use mods to increase your FPS or textures like optifine or watermod, that's fine!

  • It is allowed to use Lunar Client or LabyMod.

  • If you use hacks, your tokens and rank will be blocked, you will also lose your ranking.

  • Admitting to using hacks, will result in a ban.

  • If you are not sure if a mod is accepted or not, ask a staff member before using it.

6. FFA rules

  • Teaming is not allowed in the Free For All, it can result in a temporary or even permanent ban if done repeatedly.

7. SG Rules

  • Teams of 2 are allowed. Larger teams will be severely punished, even if it is covertly teaming.

  • Users who are in the TOP 10 will not be able to make teams.

8. General Rules

  • Intentionally exploiting a bug can result in a permanent ban.

  • Respect others, insulting, accusing or bypassing the chat filter can result in a temporary or permanent mute.

  • Using scripts or macros to avoid getting kicked out by AFK system during events is prohibited.

  • Offensive usernames and skins are prohibited.

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