😎Entry Methods

You have 3 options to join the MineCrypto ecosystem:

🔷 Free To Play

  • Earn MCR by completing the daily quests, playing events and rising in the leaderboards

  • You will have to reinvest your earnings to work your way up to a Battle Pass

🔷 Battle Pass

  • They allow you to earn enough tokens to daily repair the Battle Pass while generating extra tokens that can be withdrawn or reinvested in other items.

  • This is where you purchase our battle pass: https://minecrypto.gg/app/shop

  • Need to be on BSC to interact with our application. Here is how you change networks https://chainlist.org/

🔷 Battle Pass and NFT Rank

  • The NFT Ranks boost your earnings when completing the daily quests:

NFT RankEarning multiplier

Gold Rank


Diamond Rank


Emerald Rank


The NFT ranks will offer many other features both in the web application and in-game. We will keep adding more features as the project progresses.

How do I join the server?

You can directly access with the following IP (less features):

mc.minecrypto.gg Or you can link your Metamask with your Minecraft account:

1 minute tutorial: https://minecrypto.gg/video/how-to-join-server.mp4

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