🎮Game Modes

Our developers have many years of experience creating and managing successful Minecraft servers, that means we can create almost any game-mode you can think of.

In the future, we will set the daily quests based on the skill of each user. There are many different types of quests (both PvP and PvE)

If you are a competitive player you should know that we have tournaments and season leaderboards with more than 2000$ in prizes!

Players drop on the map and fight each other to complete daily quests. Completing the daily quests will earn you our token: MCR.

We also have a kill leaderboard that gets reset each season. Each month, most active players will be airdropped our token $MCR as well!

A maximum of 24 players appear on a map in which they will have to survive by looting items and killing people. The last player alive is the winner. This game mode also has also a daily quest and leaderboard system similar to the FFA mode.

Our team is currently spending a lot of time implementing new games into our server. Here are some of the games we could be implementing in the near future!

  • Party games

  • Tournaments

  • Events

  • Races

  • Parkour

  • Bedwars

  • Lands and open world

  • Soccer

  • Arena 1vs1

  • Fights against bosses

  • Clan wars

  • Among Us

As you can see, Minecraft does not limit us at all to the creation of new modes.

We will always consider the community for decision-making, prioritizing entertainment and the game economy.

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