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Gold NFT Rank
Diamond NFT Rank
Emerald NFT Rank
Obsidian NFT Rank

What is a NFT Rank?

Ranks are well known in the Minecraft community, as servers use them to give some special benefits to their owners.

How to acquire an NFT rank:

  • Initial supply minting (Available)
  • Marketplace
  • "Breeding" (Coming soon)

Ranks allow players to:

  • Earn rewards by completing daily quests
  • Access to exclusive features based on game tiers (i.e: in-game cosmetics, flying on the lobby and more).

There are 4 kinds of rank:

Earnings Multiplier
Most Minecraft servers have different ranks which usually are purchased with fiat currency. We have used Blockchain technology to enhance these ranks and make them NFTs.
It is NOT mandatory to have a rank to be able to play on the server, but it is highly recomended since it will bring many perks: boosting your rewards, cosmetic items, ...

Rank Mint Cost:

Price (USD)
~449 USD paid in $MCR (Oracle)
~399 USD paid in uMCR (Oracle)
The price may fluctuate a bit, we are using an Oracle that keeps the price stable on a daily basis
Mint a Rank Here!
uMCR*: To make it easier to reinvest, Gold Rank mint is cheaper if done using tokens earned in-game.

Rank rewards

Each rank has a purity trait, which determines its rewards multiplier.

Gross Earnings potential (Monthly):

Gold NFT
Diamond NFT
Emerald NFT
Obsidian NFT
Gold Rank NFT - Gross Earnings
Current Earnings (31 Days)
225 USD paid in uMCR
Diamond Rank NFT - Gross Earnings
Current Earnings (31 Days)
450 USD paid in uMCR
Emerald Rank NFT - Gross Earnings
Current Earnings (31 Days)
890 USD paid in uMCR
Obsidian Rank NFT - Gross Earnings
Current Earnings (31 Days)
1250 USD paid in uMCR
Earnings may be subject to change.