How to join

How do I join the server?
  • Directly access with the following IP (less features): mc.minecrypto.gg
Join our discord if you are having trouble with this section.

How do I Join?

You need two things:
  • A Minecraft account (Java Edition)
  • A Metamask wallet

1. Buy Minecraft Premium

(You can skip this section if you already have a Minecraft account)
You can buy a Minecraft account from the following trusted websites:

2. Install Metamask

(You can skip this section if you already have a Metamask wallet)
Metamask can be installed as an extension on most browsers, here you have the links:
Creating a Metamask wallet
Once you have the extension installed you need to configure your wallet.
Select Create a wallet on the extension and follow the steps.
It is very important to remember that:
  • Metamask will provide a seed phrase of 12 words. Write down these words in a save place.
  • Never share this seed phrase with anyone.
  • Metamask will give you the words once and will never ask for them again. The extension will ask you to create a local password in your computer to unlock the wallet every time you open the browser.
How do I join the server? 1 minute tutorial: Link your Metamask with a Minecraft account https://minecrypto.gg/video/how-to-join-server.mp4
(This is the most important step)
Firstly, to link your wallet you need to go to the MineCrypto app.
Once you are there, click on Log In With Metamask, and it will open your Metamask extension:
  • It will request to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your wallet (in case you do not already have it).
  • Afterwards, it will request you to sign a message. This action will not use any funds, it is required for our system to verify your wallet.
Once you are logged in you can go to your profile by clicking your wallet on the navigation bar or following this link.
Click on Sync now and introduce your Minecraft username. Then you will get a command that you need to introduce on the verification server.
Now you need to join the verification server on your Minecraft client: link.minecrypto.gg.
Once you are inside you just need to introduce the command copied from the web app (/link code). You can open up the Minecraft chat pressing the key "T" on your keyboard.
To see if you are verified correctly, you can refresh the website and it should display your skin and name:

🎉 Congratulations!

Now your account is verified and you can join the server at mc.minecrypto.gg