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MineCrypto’s Minecraft server disclaimer

This disclaimer explains how, as far as we know, MineCrypto’s activity is within the limits of Mojang’s EULA (https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/eula) and most importantly Commercial Guidelines (https://account.mojang.com/documents/commercial_guidelines)


Mojang has always been very flexible with server owners and content creators being able to generate revenue, we know that in the end User Generated Content has been huge for Minecraft.

But, some companies and individuals were abusing their system, so in 2013 the EULA was added, limiting how you can earn money as a server owner or mod creator. This focused on regularizing the ways a server owner can make money and manage their servers.

Some of the rules were:

  • Not allowing Pay To Win elements

  • Not allowing NSFW content

  • Etc.

This EULA has evolved since then and now it is called Commercial Guidelines. In the next sections we will outline the most important points on how MineCrypto relates to these guidelines.


When analysing legal cases, looking at precedents is a good starting point. In our case, we can find others projects in the Blockchain x Minecraft ecosystem who have been in contact with Microsoft:

1. Enjin

Enjin is one of the top #50 cryptocurrencies by market cap. At the start, their project was mostly focused on Minecraft, but thanks to their success they have expanded to more games.

What EnjinCraft (their Minecraft x Blockchain technology) is that it allows players to trade and earn NFTs and tokens inside Minecraft.

We see that Microsoft is okay with this since they have partnered with Enjin multiple times: here and here.

2. NFTWorlds

NFTWorlds is one of the leading projects in this space. They have decentralised the ownership of Minecraft worlds and allow players to use this world as Metaverses.

They also have a utility token ($WRLD), which is earned and used in-game to enhance the user experience.

There is no official partnership with Microsoft, but they are in contact with their IP team, and have claimed that they are okay with what they are doing (link).


MineCrypto shares the “Mine” from the “Minecraft” trade name. But it is just part of our whole name which combines “Mine” and “Crypto”, outlining that we are connecting Minecraft and Cryptocurrency. So it is a secondary part of the project’s name.

Charging for access

MineCrypto does not charge for access. Any player is able to join the server without any kind of payment.

Items earned or traded within the game

All the items that can be earned or traded by the users within the game, do not:

  • Provide any kind of competitive advantage

  • Adversely affect another player’s experience

  • Visually emulate the feature of a cape

In the other hand, this items do enable:

  • Cosmetic elements within the game

  • Features without competitive advantage

  • Extra features in our external web application

Advertisement of 3rd party products

MineCrypto is going to provide advertising to companies in to the Blockchain technology ecosystem, without building an in-world representation of your brand, products, or services of their brand.

Usage of in-game virtual currencies

MineCrypto integrates (but does not sell) a BEP-20 token, called $MCR. This token is used on our site so the users can:

  • Acquire NFTs

  • Upgrade NFTs

  • Trade items

  • ....

We are using Blockchain technology to enhance gameplay experience. For us 1 $MCR = 1 $MCR, as it is the main utility token used on our platform.

Also, because of technical reasons, $MCR is not directly used in-game and we use a ticket system (called $uMCR) to bridge the gap:

  • In the Minecraft server, users that complete daily quests are rewarded with claimable tickets

  • This tickets are usable for in-game features

  • Through the web application this tickets can be claimed into $MCR in their wallet

Parental guidance

All content on the server is manually reviewed by the team, and it will never contain anything related to:

  • Pornography

  • Drugs

  • Gambling


The MineCrypto team is the main operator of it’s Minecraft server. Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft do not have any liability for anything related to this project.

The team can be contacted through:


MineCrypto wants to empower the users so they are able to:

  • Own the content generated by them

  • Earn tokens while playing and having fun

This project was created in good faith and its main focus it’s helping the community by enhancing the Minecraft online server experience by using distributed ledger technology.

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