🆓Free To Play Access (No Investment)

Thanks to the strategic design of our economy and thinking about the possible expansion to Minecraft communities, we think it is very important that anyone can try out the server without investing.

By completing the daily missions you will earn our token MCR. Also, you can compete every Season to try to win great prizes in Rankings, Tournaments, Events, etc.

The most active users will be able to get Scholarships.

Free To Play earnings:

Current Earnings (Oracle)

1.5 USD per week paid in uMCR

Earnings may be subject to change.

How do I join the server?

You can directly access with the following IP (less features):

mc.minecrypto.gg But we recommend to link your Metamask with your Minecraft account:

🔗 Tutorial (1 min): https://minecrypto.gg/video/how-to-join-server.mp4

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